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a workshop for the future

The idea

Sleek & Beautiful

The base of operations will be San Sperate, a village in Sardinia (Italy), where in 1968 a unique path of reading, interpretation and transformation of the public space has started. Its community painting in white the walls facing the public streets, as well as hosting the hundreds of creatives coming from every corner of the globe to interact with those walls, has overturned the idea of limit which is associated to the party wall, that divide private and public space, turning it from a separation and closing element into a media for communication and hospitality. An identity element of closure has become and excuse to start a new path that does not have any visible limit. San Sperate has changed into a workshop in the open air: an international center of cultural exchanges and comparisons. In the specific case the limit, the private border, is the starting point

Sleek & Beautiful

The ideas workshop Future Frontiers (Frontiere future) has born, starting from the cultural journey of the paesemuseo of San Sperate, Future Frontiers wants to be a workshop where to think aiming, to analyze and study which will be the borders that society will have to overtake in the upcoming or remote future. The investigation about future borders is the starting point for new identities, new exchanges and new shapes. The results about this reflection and research will be the starting point for the artistic productions which will be on public spaces

Sleek & Beautiful

The workshop will be held from 9th to 17th December 2017. The activities are developed in two phases: - A workshop about ideas: Knowing the territory and its history; Sharing of the individual personal research paths among participants; Research, and thinking about the future borders; Sharing of the results about the brainstorming; - Practical workshop: Designing and planning of the intervention in the public space; Creation and making of the project; Public introduction of the intervention.


Sleek & Beautiful

Associazione Noarte paesemuseo

The earth of this incredible workshop. www.paesemuseo.com

Sleek & Beautiful

Fondazione di Sardegna

The institution that makes this workshop possible www.fondazionedisardegna.it

Sleek & Beautiful

Regione autonoma della Sardegna

Not only San Sperate but all the island www.regione.sardegna.it

Sleek & Beautiful

Municipality of San Sperate

The local support for the future frontiers workshop. www.sansperate.net


future frontiers's blog

25 January 2019 No Comments

Future Frontiers catalogue

It took a bit of time to sort out the ideas but in the end we managed: FINALLY Future Frontiers Catalog is printed! A small booklet illustrating the project, the individual projects and the results obtained. For those interested in having a copy, can send an email to mail@paesemuseo.com  

29 December 2017 No Comments

Arrive or new starting point

The Frontiere Future artistic residency organized by the Noarte Association, which saw as protagonists six international artists welcomed and supported by an open community always ready for dialogue, is arrived at the conclusion, or a new start. Inspired by the cultural 50 years long path of Paesemuseo, the artists were asked to reflect on the […]

27 December 2017 No Comments

Final Sprint

Six resident artists are working really hard, despite wind and rain. With a great number of helpers and an entire community helpful and curious that tomorrow morning at 10.30 can assist at presentation of residence results. George is dispersing is “image” in the town. Diego is following his artistic project based on humor, but his […]

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