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About us

Noarte Paese Museo was officially launched in November 2005, under the auspices of artist Pinuccio Sciola, but in fact inherited forty years of activity from the community of San Sperate which has been able to transform a small and anonymous country of Sardinia into a cultural center of international fame.

Noarte’s strategy is to set up a multidisciplinary group of excellence that, masterfully assembled and coordinated, is capable of fully fulfilling all aspects of production.

Its experience, rooted in over 40 years of artistic activity, assures an experienced and proven organizational methodology aimed at international hospitality and cultural production, in all its declinations.

At the same time, it promotes public awareness and training projects through workshops for adults and children.

The association has the purpose of:
-developing activities in the cultural field, producing and creating relevant artistic cultural events;
-producing and promoting new and original ideas with a particular attention to the contemporary experimental and avant-garde artistic production;
-art education: supporting and nourishing the cultural background of the young generations, of the professionals from all over the world, and of those who are willing to enhance their knowledge for any professional, research or personal purpose;
-organising promoting, activating and managing courses in different disciplines;
-promoting and enhancing the cultural heritage of San Sperate – Paese Museo.



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