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The call

The Wall of Europe 2.0


Art.1 – Premise

The Association Noarte Paese Museo is opening an international call for the selection of 4 artists to participate to the workshop Future Frontiers “Il muro d’europa/The wall of Europe 2.0”.

The origin
The base of operations will be San Sperate, a village in Sardinia (Italy), where in 1968 a unique path of reading, interpretation and transformation of the public space has started. Its community painting in white the walls facing the public streets, as well as hosting the hundreds of creatives coming from every corner of the globe to interact with those walls, has overturned the idea of limit which is associated to the party wall, that divide private and public space, turning it from a separation and closing element into a media for communication and hospitality. An identity element of closure has become and excuse to start a new path that does not have any visible limit.
San Sperate has changed into a workshop in the open air: an international center of cultural exchanges and comparisons.
In the specific case the limit, the private border, is the starting point.

Purpose od the workshop
The ideas workshop Future Frontiers (Frontiere future) has born, starting from the cultural journey of the paesemuseo of San Sperate,
Future Frontiers wants to be a workshop where to think aiming, to analyze and study which will be the borders that society will have to overtake in the upcoming or remote future. The investigation about future borders is the starting point for new identities, new exchanges and new shapes.
The results about this reflection and research will be the starting point for the artistic productions which will be on public spaces.

The activities are developed in two phases:

– A workshop about ideas:
Knowing the territory and its history;
Sharing of the individual personal research paths among participants;
Research, and thinking about the future borders;
Sharing of the results about the brainstorming;

– Practical workshop:
Designing and planning of the intervention in the public space;
Creation and making of the project;
Public introduction of the intervention.

Time Period
The workshop will be held from 9th to 17th December 2017.

Art.2 – Partecipants

The selection is open to all visual artists who are at least 18 years old, or older.

Art.3 – Travel expenses, board and lodging

All participants will receive:
– board and lodging for the whole period of the workshop;
– material and tools for the production of the work (an average expense of 500 Euros/participant);
– The round trip travel expenses, as demonstrated by the receipts, within a limit established according to the city of provenance:

– from Italy: 150 €
– from an EU country: 300 €
– from an Extra EU country: 600 €

Art.4 – Required documentation

a. Filled and signed Application Form;
b. Copy of a valid ID document;
c. Descriptive CV (no more than 1000 characters) and a maximum of five images of previous works;
d. Artistic proposal where it is given a description about the field of the personal research and its main topic as well as its planned development. The description should contain images and a description (maximum 1500 characters) with bibliography.

All the documents must be provided in .pdf format.

The association Noarte Paese Museo wil not return the received documents, but will keep them in its archive.
The above listed documentation can be sent:

– Through postal service to the following address:
Noarte Paese Museo c/o Officinevida
via Decimo 40
09026 San Sperate (CA) – Italia

– Through e-mail
Files can be sent through any file sharing system (i.e. Dropbox, jumbomail, wetransfer etc…) and following it is required to notify the delivery with an e-mail where it will be written, the link where to download the attachments. The mail has to be sent to the following address:

Art.5 – Deadline

The Applications must be delivered within 15th November 2017 – H 24:00.

Art.6 – Evaluation board

The applications will be evaluated by the work group of the association Noarte Paese Museo, as well as by its board of directors.
The selected participants will be announced within November 25th, 2017 by a personal communication. Results will also be published on the website www.paesemuseo.com.

Subscription to this call, imply the full and unconditional acceptance of its terms.

Art.7 – Informations

For further information
tel. 0039 070 9601434
mob. +39 3489013825 (Daniele)
mob. +39 3355951825 (Emma)

3 thoughts on “The call

Widianto UtomoPosted on  11:18 am - Oct 30, 2017

Dear Sir/Mdm,
With this letter i am Widianto Utomo, designer artist very keen to join your workshop, what kind of project outcome you may expect from workshop.
About me, http://www.gwutomo.com
Finally thank you for your time, attention and looking forward to hear from you again soon. Best regards, widianto utomo

    adminPosted on  5:57 pm - Oct 30, 2017

    Thanks for your interest in this workshop.
    Future Frontiers wants to be a workshop where to think aiming, to analyze and study which will be the borders that society will have to overtake in the upcoming or remote future. At this moment the organizators can’t imagine what will be the outcome of the workshop or the outcome of your project, it could be a “phisic” result, a “thought” or a “sentence”. Furthermore the organizators don’t want conditionate the ideas coming from the candidates.

Joseph Barbara – MaltaPosted on  2:19 pm - Oct 31, 2017

Hi, it is so nice to hear that your organisation is creating another event regarding the Wall of Europe. I was priveleaged to be part of the first one, of 2013. It was an unforgetable experience which I shall cherish for the rest of my life. Meeting young new artists from all over Europe, each with creative new ideas, is so much envigurating apart from the high standard of talent from the organisers. It was so sad to hear that the genius, Pinuccio Scuola, passed away, but leaving a legacy after his name. San Sperate is such a quaint, lovely village and the residents there are so friendly and cheerful, always there to help you and make you feel part of the village. Walking through it is a masterpiece of collective art. Coming from a small island myself, I feel very much at home there. I will surely apply again. Thanks for the chance of experiecing your customs and culture.

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