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On the field

Work in progress for Future Frontiers.
Some of the artists has already found their own space, other meet the community or study the real possibility to realize/build something, facing the technical aspects.

Federica has collected portraits of citizens and now will start to discover border places specified and related with each shot.

Emad wants share with San Sperate is intimate idea:” refuge in color” for a Palestine subtracted since when he was born.

Susanna is looking for connections between public and private spaces.

For Luca the frontier is the sea, but for his installation he starts from the earth.

Diego is looking for cupressus, he wants realize a huge welcome… but the dimensions of available trees brings him to declinate the idea in other manner.

George is ready for a new migration of his image.



First moments in a group are always complicated. We do not know roles and balances and is necessary some time to establish a strong contact wit other members. For this reason the collective moments, in the early days, are different and distributed during the day.

In these first days the group got to know each other better and to meet the community that supports them in this interesting project.

Some moments of group presentations and discussions of various projects. Linguistic barriers have also been easily pass. Art is definitely universal.

On the evening of Monday, December 11th, participants presented their artistic background and some of the past projects. Some targets of this work week were also made public.




Saturday, December 9th the artistic residence FUTURE FRONTIERS _ The Wall of Europe 2.0 will start in San Sperate.

Six international artists will confront each other and with the community and – taking a cue from the cultural journey San Sperate – will question frontiers that society will face in the near or distant future.

On the threshold of fifty years since the birth of the “Paesemuseo”, the investigation of future frontiers wants to be a starting point for the birth of new identities, new exchanges, new forms … beyond the murals!

The results of the reflection will (must?) be translated into interventions in the public space.

Monday, December 11th at 6.30pm
Ex Municipio, via Risorgimento San Sperate

Sunday December 17th 10:30 am
Ex Municipio, via Risorgimento San Sperate

Saturday 9 / Sunday 17 December
Work in public space

Participating Artists:
Corç George Demir – Germany
Federica Gonnelli – Italy
Emad Ahmad Abdallah Abu Hashish – Jordan
Susanna Schoenberg – Germany
Luca Spano – Italy
Diego Vivanco – Spain


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