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Arrive or new starting point

Arrive or new starting point

The Frontiere Future artistic residency organized by the Noarte Association, which saw as protagonists six international artists welcomed and supported by an open community always ready for dialogue, is arrived at the conclusion, or a new start.

Inspired by the cultural 50 years long path of Paesemuseo, the artists were asked to reflect on the frontiers that society will face in the near or distant future. The investigation of future borders has wanted and wants to be a starting point for the birth of new identities, new exchanges, new forms … beyond the murals!


The artist Corç George Demir (Cologne – Germany) during the residence chooses to “migrate” a picture that under his direction he has already migrate around the world, he left a postalcard in the mailboxes of all the houses of San Sperate, and a graffiti was created on an old crumbling wall for an imminent disappearance. This last work opens a future collaboration between him and the artist who owns the wall, Giampaolo Spiga, in fact he will reproduce the image in one of his miniatures, thus obtaining yet another migration.

Federica Gonnelli (Florence) collected the photographic portraits of the citizens of San Sperate, and then elegantly overlaid with images of the places that people reported as a borderline of their own memory. At the same time, it has given shape to the immateriality of the urban boundaries through an installation housed in a empty in the historic center.
Federica’s work mixes urban boundaries, visible and perceptible, with intimate boundaries linked to a memory or a personal past experience.

Susanna Schoenberg (Cologne – Germany) has recovered the old plant of the municipal ban, and “appropriated” the public space by modifying not only the sound landscape. With the poetic use of telecommunication it has allowed the connection of the antipodes and crossing of the boundary between the private / closed space and the public space. From within the parish church, now closed and inaccessible since a few years, has transmitted a video/sound/projection to outside, making public a place with intimate feelings. To complete this installation, has created 4 other sound diffusion points that have returned sound landscapes of distant places.

Diego Vivanco (Bilbao – Spain) continued his artistic work based on humor but with a serious and profound message. He created the brand of a company that aims to commercialize EMPATHY. The border / boundary in question is therefore that existing between people. A call to activate a capacity that all we can develop with a little practice.

Emad Ahmad Abdallah Abu Hashish (Amman refugee camp – Jordan) realizing an extraordinary pictorial work wanted to share with his community his intimate seek safety in color and art for a Palestine homeland unattainable from his birth. The work of Emad is made by layers of color on special surfaces. His work is a collage of stimuli received through the streets of paesemuseo. These stratifications were subsequently engraved and again covered by the colors made by the artist himself.

The artist – New Yorker by adoption – Luca Spano (Cagliari) through an installation of glass, metal and raw earth brought in the Piazza Primo Maggio the story of a sea on which two archipelagos are mirrored, separated by a transparent surface: a door to overcome, to be broken like the crystal struck by him to create new scenarios, new maps, new visions.

On Sunday morning, December 17, a long snake of onlookers visited all the installations of which the respective authors have unveiled the peculiar aspects.




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